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Our Research

The posts on this section of the site consist of technical walkthroughs, and introductions to the open source tools that we create for the security community.

We also walkthrough some of the enterprise tools that we are creating and soon to be available for purchase by security testing and incident reponse firms.


Hunnic Cyber is always on the look out for both full time and associate consultants.

Our fill time roles are listed in the careers section drop down to the left.

If you are an experienced contractor and are willing to work short (2-8 week) engagements both remotely and onsite in Europe and the Middle East please do get in touch.

How to engage us

Hunnic Cyber is available for penetration testing, and adversary simulation engagements, alongside the development of security tools for security testing and incident reponse teams.

  1. Email us on
  2. Call us on +44 20 3966 2413