Hunnic Cyber was a penetration testing and red team consultancy that operated between 2019-2021 in Budapest.

It worked for clients in the UAE, UK, Luxembourg, Hungary and other areas. Unfortunately COVID made continuation of the business untenable :/

This blog however remained, and will be the personal security blog of Tom Kallo, and other contributors should they wish to get involved. A lot of old content has been removed, as it was simply not that interesting anymore, and will be filled with relevant posts around modern red teaming, machine learning, ICS/SCADA, and malware development.

Hunnic Cyber reference from the CISO at Banque Havilland S.A, Luxembourg

I worked with Hunnic Cyber for a red teaming exercise and an external penetration testing. We have been fully satisfied in both cases....

....We change providers every year and as a result experienced a lot of penetration testing teams, clearly Hunnic Cyber demonstrate one of the greatest technical ability....

....I can only recommend them if you really want to test and find out where your security need to be improved.