DevOps - Budapest

Hunnic Cyber is a UK penetration testing and software development start up. We are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and (UK) Cyber Essentials accredited. We are also pushing forward for our CREST accreditation.

We are registered in the UK and have opened a technical office in Budapest.

We work primarily with UK and Middle Eastern businesses and focus on scenario based penetration testing and Red Teaming.

Our office is based in the centre of Budapest.

We are now looking for a Sysadmin/Devops specialist  to join the team


  • You have experience with Linux, Windows and Macintosh performing server and desktop administration
  • You have experience with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, SMB
  • You have experience with networking, vlans, firewalls
  • You have experience with OpenVPN and implementing other VPN solutions
  • You have experience with Amazon Web Services, and Azure
  • You have experience with the .NET framework and core
  • You have experience with VMWare ESXi, and other virtulisation solutions
  • You have experience with deploying open source document management, CRM, hosting, messaging solutions
  • You have experience with building PCs and Servers from scratch - for example installing multiple GPUs


  1. You will be responsible for rebuilding, from ground up, our internal business and technical network and labs
  2. You will deploy, and customise, an array of open source solutions around communications, vpn, server infrastructure, internal applications, email, and more
  3. You will work with the team to ensure that the lab and infrastructure is maintained and implemented with security best practice in mind
  4. You will document all architecture, network and credentials

Gross salary, negotiable

Please send resumes to